Feb 2, 2013

{Cheap Eats} Couscous and Honey Roasted Veggies

after a trying, wet, Amsterdam day 
I'm in the mood for a huge, messy, endless meal.  

I present to you my beloved:
Honey Roasted Veggie Couscous 
topped with avocado, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and just a pinch of salt.

I boiled up the couscous with half a veggie-stock cube and roasted the veggies covered in honey.
(I slathered everyone up in honey and threw them in the oven.  Checking every 10 minutes)

Boyfriend declared this the best meal I'd ever created.
He claimed the flavors blended together to created a flavor explosion in every bite.
(Well, those weren't his exact words)

The Cost Breakdown:
Couscous: 1 huge bag for 2 euros. 
I use 2 servings ~ 0.30 euro cents

Veggie stock: a box of 8 costs 1.50
1/2 a veggie cube: ~0.095

Vegetables: We buy are veggies in bulk.
1/8 of the bag: ~0.14 Euro cents.
3 chopped potatoes: ~0.35 Euro Cents
1/3 of a butternut squash: ~0.33 cents

I scored 20 avocados for 2 Euros:
1 Avocado: ~0.10 euro cents

Honey: 1 jar is 1.08 euro cents
I used about 4 tsbp: ~0.10

Dashes of spices: ~0.10 euro cents

Total spent: 1.51 Euros!

Such a cheap meal.  
We visit the Ten Katestraat Farmers Market weekly and load of ridiculously cheap vegetables.
Our Butternut Squash at the farmers market was 1 euro. 
The price of a squash at a grocery store in at least 4 Euros.
Also 20 avocado for 2 euros is ridiculous.
I felt like I was stealing!
Its a bit of a journey to to visit the market but its lets us eat cheap and healthy.
Totally worth it!

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